Team Building Events

Team Building Events

Whilst our most popular times for events are weekends and these are very much geared towards families and birthdays, we can also offer you exclusive access to our venue at Queen Elizabeth Country Park all-year round and on a day that suits you to fit the working week.

What does it cost?

To keep things simple, we have a few options to choose from and a per-person fee for those in addition to the minimum group size.

Private Hire – 12-20 players:
1 hour: £210 for first 12 players (£14 per extra participant) – start times between 10am and 1pm on weekdays, events to conclude by 2.30pm unless by special arrangement.
1.5 hours: £295 for first 12 players (£18 per extra participant) – start times between 10am and 12.30pm on weekdays, events to conclude by 2.30pm unless by special arrangement.

If you would like an event for more than 20 participants (we can cater to 40 participants on the playing field at once subject to our equipment availability) or you are looking for something bespoke/part of a custom event? – please contact us.

How do I book?

Please contact us by telephone, email ([email protected]) or via Facebook Messenger if you have any questions about your preferred date(s). From there, we’ll confirm availability and either direct you back here to make a card payment, or issue a pro-forma invoice for payment via bank transfer if that’s what you’d prefer (we’ll put a temporary hold on your time slot for 48 hours) – owing to the popularity and demand for our group bookings, availability changes frequently so no booking is confirmed until a deposit payment has been made.

Can we eat there as well?

This one doesn’t have a straightforward answer, it’s a yes, and a no. You can absolutely bring your own food and make use of the facilities of the park itself before or after the session, including picnic spaces, but it’s outdoors, not covered and therefore weather dependent. We have a section of woodland which we use for our games, but have no other facilities of our own. 

There is a cafe within the park, but it’s at the visitors centre, which presents a logistical issue as it’s not somewhere you can easily walk to so would need vehicles to facilitate this. 

There are two barbecue spots close to our venue that offer cover, but these require additional payment and tend get booked up very quickly, booked by the ½ day session – these are ‘Juniper BBQ’ and ‘Pizza Oven at Juniper’ on the Park Explorer ( The closest uncovered BBQ spot with benches is ‘Windmill View BBQ 9’ on the same park explorer link above.

If there’s no catering available, what can we do instead?

Party organisers have proven resourceful so far, dependent on the time of your session, you could simply choose to not provide a meal, but provide some snacks for the break times between our scenarios (in a 2 hour session there are usually two 10 minute breaks for changeover of scenarios and time for a quick drink and snack). Skittles, Jelly Beans and/or fruit are ideal as these provide a well needed energy boost and a bottle of water of other drink is recommended too. Other groups have brought with them a flask of hot water to make hot dogs on the go, some have collected Takeaway Pizza or even McDonalds from nearby Petersfield. If you’re set on catering, there are limited options available from the park itself and we’d be happy to put you in touch with them to discuss your needs further – just ask!

What is the format of the event?

Our group bookings follow the same general format as our shared session, there will be a 30 minute period before the games allowing for equipment issue, ensuring all application forms have been completed and a full safety briefing and demonstration. From there, we tend to play 2 different scenarios, with each being played twice so that each team plays from each of the two bases to ensure fairness. If you opt for 1hr 30 of game play, we’ll likely include a 5-10 minute break mid-way through the session to give everyone an opportunity to have a quick drink.