Our Scenarios

Our Scenarios

Players will be provided with multiple scenarios, which will involve sportsmanship, teamwork, and planning skills. Games will run for around 15-minutes each. We have invested significantly in various accessories to enable us to provide a variety of games and scenarios tailored to group sizes, abilities and ages.

Please note that not all scenarios or accessories will be used in a given session.

Capture the flag.
This scenario is a fun favourite. You will have to work as a team to capture the flag and safely deliver it to your base without getting tagged. Will the red or blue team win?

Team elimination
The players are divided into two teams Red or Blue. Each player has unlimited ammunition and after a short while, the smart bases will be taken away from the game so there’s no more respawns, which team will have the most players left? will it be the blue team or the red team?

This scenario is fun for all ages, several players headsets will be switched to zombie mode, all other players will be given a head start to run and hide in the play area. Zombies can infect others who will then turn on the remaining humans. Will the zombies take over or will the humans eliminate the zombies?

Control point capture
In this scenario, players must capture the device by firing into the control point. As you shoot into the control point, the external ring will acquire the colour of the shooter’s team, the capture process will be displayed on the circular scale and the countdown till capture will begin on the indicator. You must hold the base until the timer runs out. Will your team take control of all 3 control points?

Explosive device simulator
The players will be divided into two teams Red and Blue, one team will protect the bomb and the other team will try and deactivate the bomb. You will also hear the sound of a siren coming off the speakers. Will you deactivate the bomb in time?

Attack the Base / Defend the Base
In this scenario, there’s no respawns so you’d better make every decision count. Patience and planning are key, as is communication with your comrades. Will you make it through the playing area alive and unscathed, or will adversarial forces successfully defend the objective?

Last man standing
This game is played as individuals and the start is delayed so everyone can take cover – it’s very simple – will you be the survivor?