We are Laser Squad

Laser Squad is a laser tag venue operator, which offers inside and outside physical entertainment for both adults and children from around the age of 6.

We have bases at Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Petersfield and Royal Victoria Country Park in Southampton, which offer the ideal setting for outdoor games but we are also available for fairs, events, birthday parties, family fun days or business team building events on a mobile basis if you have a suitable venue.

If you’re looking for an outdoor laser tag venue in Hampshire, a Laser Tag party at home, laser tag for team building or laser tag for corporate events, you’ve come to the right place!

The business was founded in 2021, during the pandemic on the realisation that there are a lack of activities available locally to promote and encourage team working, social interaction and communication having witnessed for ourselves how home schooling and lack of social contact has impacted children’s mental health and ability to interact with others. 

Laser Tag combines technology, strategic thinking, communication and physical exercise whilst being a fun and energetic activity.

Hours & Pricing

Unless otherwise stated, all events are shared events. This means you will participate as part of a wider group. On the day we will split the teams up accordingly to ensure a balance of ages and ability. If you have specific requests to keep parts of your group together, or on opposing teams, please do let us know.

Weekend 2h

£2250/ session
  • 2 hours of play
  • Take on more complex and strategic scenarios
  • Hosted at Queen Elizabeth Country Park only due to the larger woodland setting
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Weekend 1h

£15/ session
  • 1 hour of play
  • Great fun for the whole family (6-66+)
  • Hosted at Queen Elizabeth Country Park or Royal Victoria Country Park
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School Holiday Laser Tag

From £1350/session
  • 1 or 2 hours of play
  • Half Term School Holiday dates (Hampshire and Surrey)
  • Hosted at Queen Elizabeth Country Park
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We look forward to hearing from you and
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Please feel free to contact us if you have bespoke requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to wear protective glasses because of the lasers?

Our Laser Taggers don’t use laser technology, in fact, this has been the way for many years now, instead, our devices use harmless infrared lighting, similar to that used in TV remote controls. As such, there’s no requirement for protective eyewear.

How old do I have to be to play?

The Laser taggers are lightweight and can be handled by most age groups, but the mental comprehension required to fully understand the game and strategy means laser tag is not suitable for younger children. We welcome children from primary school Year 1 and onwards so that’s generally children from age 5/6.

Do I have to wear a special vest or sensors?

We provide an adjustable headband which contains the sensors needed for the tagger to function and correctly record hits. This must be worn at all times, and players will be disqualified from the game if they attempt to tamper or obscure the sensing equipment.

What should I wear? Do I have to wear camouflaged clothing?

You should wear sturdy shoes and clothes appropriate for the outdoors and all weathers. You may wear camouflage to help you blend in with the environment but you must wear a coloured team bib throughout the event, this is a requirement of our venues.

Can you host an event for us at another venue?

Yes, absolutely. Our events are suitable for large sports halls, fields, schools or other large open spaces and we are fully mobile in our operation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.